You are the TOWER in the tower defense


In a top-secret research facility AI has finally gone rogue – the Singularity has happened. Only highly adaptable automated sentry turrets stand between the outside world and a horde of angry machines.

What is A Turret’s Life?

 A Turret’s Life is a single-player first person tower defense game for PC and VR currently under development, where the player takes control of an automated sentry turret to defend the facility against endless waves of attacking robots. The player gains resources which they use to customize their turret and even concoct crazy bullet designs of their wildest dreams; better yet, all of the game items are backed by cryptocurrency meaning players can trade or sell these items for actual value.

At its core, the game seeks to answer these two questions:

  1. What happens when players are given the freedom to customize game items with few constraints?
  2. What happens when game items have real-world value?

Items of Value

All game items are backed with Enjin Cryptocurrency, meaning every item has a dollar value behind it

Hardcore Crafting

Build to your own style with few artificially imposed limitations


Leaderboards and Achievements, Daily Challenges, Peer-to-peer trading, selling, and renting of game items with other players

Multiple Platforms

Play on PC with Windows, Linux, or Mac, with keyboard or gamepad support. Or fully immersive yourself with Oculus Rift for PC and Oculus Go for mobile.

Planned Features

Join in the Cryptocurrency gold-rush without the risk or hassle, just by playing a game! Every item from the score to guns to the turret is backed by Enjin Coin – a state of the art cryptocurrency that allows the player to actually own their game items and gives them a dollar value that can be traded or sold.

Game Items

  • Every item you own is stored on the Enjin Blockchain. This means each item tells its history – when it was made, how well its owner did with using it such as tracking damage dealt or wins and more. This history makes each item unique and gives them a rarity factor, making them worth more.
  • Experiment and design the ultimate gun with the perfect K/D ratio and trade it to your friends or sell it on the auction to the highest bidder. The better you engineer your guns, the more value they have.
  • Melt down any item to convert it into ENJ Coin, which can then be traded in external marketplaces for $.

If you can think it, you can build it – even if it breaks the game! Create different parts for your turret by adding stat boosts and swapping out various Modules. Then, assemble your turret by adding each Module onto different connection slots.

Functional Design

  • The way you build matters. Every single Module will have an effect on your turret. 
  • There is a tradeoff between weight, health, and space. You will have to build strategically to find the optimal balance for all Modules.

No Hard Limits

  • No artificial limits or caps to prevent you from adding Modules or improving stats. You are only limited by the weight of your Modules, the amount of space to build, and your available Modules of course!
  • If you work hard enough and manage to build an overpowered Module, then you earned it.

No man is an island. You are a part of a larger social community where you can interact with or compete against others.


  • Trade or sell your resources and modules peer-to-peer with anyone you like. 

Daily Challenges

  • Every day a procedurally generated challenge is created, like beating a level by only using a certain gun type, or winning a level in a certain time, or by having perfect accuracy.
  • The faster you beat the challenge, the better reward you get.  Rewards include score, modifier bonuses like increased damage, and new Modules or even rare Parts. 

With endless customization opportunities plus procedurally generated levels filled with numerous enemy types, every experience is unique.


  • Assemble your turret in a lego-like manner out of various modules and add buffs to its stats to create a turret that matches your play style!


  • As you progress through the game, the Waves become more difficult, giving you a constant challenge.
  • Each level is generated taking into account what enemies to spawn, the placement of the objective, and the design of the corridor layout.
  • No Wave/Level cap. See how far you can go!

About Us

I am a solo developer, trying to balance my day job with the joy of creating games. I love the concepts of player customization and procedural creation, and the craziness that they can bring! It is my hope create A Turret’s Life as a game that invokes the childhood nostalgia of arcade shooters and merges it with modern additions of crypto backed assets and the immersive experience of virtual reality.


Contact Us

Have a question, suggestions for the game, or just want to say hello? Shoot us an email! Or if you want to know our journey more, take a look at our development blog for the story on the game's creation, and the torments and joys it's put us through.